Web Analytics

Web Analytics Services

Web Analytics is essential not only for measuring but also for understanding your online performance. Without web analytics it's impossible to analyze the impact of your marketing or identify the weak points in your site design.

While the basic setup of the Google analytics is comparatively straightforward advanced options are often necessary to properly track your online performance. Additionally, the number of reports and amount of information available can be immense for the un-experienced. This often ends up in companies tracking metrics that tells you what is happening without suggestion why.

How we can help you

  • Our Google analytics team works with the clients to establish metrics needed to track improvements as it relates to the program objectives and measure the impact of marketing activates
  • To Measure the impact of marketing activities and suggested adjustments when needed
  • We will provide the reports back insights and trends which can be leveraged to maximize results.

As a complete digital marketing agency we are constantly improving and refreshing your program. Clarification derived from website analytics might include ; content creation to attract more qualified audience, by improved on-page content, reducing bounce rates, conversion rate optimization and many other proven ways

    Our Web Analytics Services Include

  • Google Analytics Account Setup
  • Google Analysis Audit
  • Insight, Analysis & Reporting
  • Analytics & Optimisation
  • Universal Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • keyword Research
  • Visitor Behaviour Patterns