A Brief Overview on Magento PHP

Magento is an open source content management system or an e-commerce software platform trusted by the huge number of world’s branded companies written in PHP. Magento PHP is the finest solution for any type of e-commerce website development. It was crafted by varien Inc., with the assistance from few supporters.

magento php

A Brief Overview on Magento PHP

Being an open source content management system it has more benefits for Magento PHP developers to use it for web development of online businesses.

Overview of Magento

Magento comprises of two separate platforms,

  • Magento Community Edition
  • Magento Enterprise Edition

There were also two previous platforms, Magento Go and Magento Professional Edition.

Magento comprises the functionalities of

  • MySQL/Maria DB relational database management system
  • The PHP programming language
  • Basics of the Zend Framework

People usually around the world choose to get tangled with ecommerce business and therefore Magento PHP development is the finest option for them.

Websites developed in Magento have certain major paybacks such as

  • Open source
  • SEO friendly development
  • Basic features of open source software
  • Active community

Magento Features


Themes are vital for your website to take users’ attention; it delivers a basic theme that provides an e-commerce website. These webpages are tailored and themes can be added or modified by using PHP, HTML and CSS.

When the Magento installation is completed without the loss of content or layout of webpages, themes are well-suited. Themes are installed through theme folder FTP or SSH.


Magento website developers have developed plugins which comprises built-in functionality. These modules can be uploaded and downloaded by using their server or by using a unit’s Extension Key over Magento Connect Manager.


Magento incorporates numerous domain names into one control panel and accomplish it from a single admin panel. Magento handles more than one storefront at a time.

Magento has two kinds of model objects, one is the traditional one and the other is Entity Attribute Value Model. All attributes are chosen automatically by starting these models. Once models, controllers and helpers are dealt, it is the turn of

  • Setting variables for view
  • Loading of default “outer” HTML outline by the system
  • Loading of sight inside the outer layout by the system

The Magento development is robust open source e-commerce solution which is based on the newest PHP language. Here, we design e-commerce websites by using magento and we own the best-in class experts.

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