Tricks to attract more Visitors through Your Website

Website is becoming a mandatory to any kind of business these days and Web design is a knack of maintaining a website with reverence to diverse skills and restraints. In order to nurture your business you must have your own business website. Web design typically describes design process connecting to the front-end design of a site. A good web design eventually should be user-friendly, should attract a good amount of traffic, should have a low bounce rate, the landing pages should take the users’ attention, and these are the limited leading factors a website should own to attract more and more visitors.


We have Listed A Few Things to get you on track


Your website content should be so precise, attractive and should be to the point that can really attract users. So that the visitors might get to see what your business website is all about and what they should anticipate from it.

If the customer does not comprehend what your website provides in the first few minutes of surfing then you are dropping your valuable clients and there are probabilities that they might never visit your website another time and thus distressing your website bounce rate.


The website content should be so simple and easily readable. It should use a perfect sized font and the font shouldn’t be so small or so big. Make sure that the font color goes in well with the background color combination. Make use of Headlines, Sub titles and bullet points so that it can be so simple for the visitors to understand.

Website Speed

The loading speed of a site should be very low so that you can hold your visitors. Maximum number of users goes back without visiting the site when the loading page is very slow and that eventually affects your website Bounce rate.

Craft a website such that it’s loading time should be at an optimal speed.

Search and Navigation

Ensure that your business website is SEO friendly and the website navigation is straight forward. It should be simple to browse around without much clicking of website links or number of webpages and making it hard for visitors to find out what they actually want.

Search Button is certainly must to rapidly find out what customers are looking out for.

Responsive Website Design

Your website must be proficient such that its fits all other devices like Smartphones, desktops, laptops, net books, and tablets laterally with the varied range of screen resolutions.

Responsive design progresses user experience and drops the bounce rate.

Visual Content

Your site should be attractive to your visitors; a visual content can take hold of visitor’s attention prominently. A video or a GIF image can attract the users than your long tedious text paragraphs.

Be sure that these visual effects do not affect your website loading speed.

Repairing errors

Your website should be totally error free for smooth and user-friendly experience. Eradicate all the errors before making your website live.

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