Social Media Trends In 2017

Social media can be a precious tool for any business, irrespective of its size. It’s also a complicated beast to handle because of its continually shifting technology and subtleties. Latest trends and ever-growing features appear on a continual basis, so keeping an eye on what’s new in social media is vital to anybody interested in digital marketing. Be conscious of these growing trends if you wish to succeed in social media in the year 2017.

Social Media

Video content will dominate 

The year 2016 has been a great year for video content, with video-centered applications like Snapchat striking above10 billion daily views because of its videos and further social media channels like Facebook is empowering auto-play on all video content through their newsfeeds. The takeaway from 2016 is that video is rising, and will only endure to grow. Brands wish to be extremely sensitive to the efficiency of video content and emphasis their attention on using this tool, rather than shying away from the chances it grants.

Video goes live

The videos we have seen from the year 2016 have moved from pre-recorded staples into something far more inventive and exciting. However twitter jerked things off with Periscope, Facebook is presently making the way with its Facebook Live real-time video aspect, and brands are rapidly catching on that this could be a foremost instant for them to enlarge their reach. 2017 will see more legitimacy from exclusive video content marketing, as well as some inexorable missteps.

The bots are coming

Artificial Intelligence technology has permitted social media channels to generate automatic chat bots that boost the experience of their customers and fetch beneficial data that can be used to progress services and profits. Brands are rapidly picking up on this valuable technology and we should see several more bots taking above customer service roles in the year 2017. This tool could be a great leap forward in both improving your business’s customer satisfaction heights and taming your data collection policies.

Expiring content

When Snapchat first propelled its exceptional expiring content app strategy, marketers were clearly irritated by the trend. Gratefully, 2017 should see business brands getting totally comfy with this latest and more urgent type of content marketing. Businesses should take the chance to be motivated by the challenge of expiring content, and drive themselves to progress campaigns that take their audience’s attention before it is too late.

The ongoing prominence of social media influencers

Influencers have become a main feature of the digital marketing in the previous year, with everybody from teenage YouTubers to realism TV stars getting paid to share messages for companies. You should anticipate seeing this phenomenon to continue to grow in the year 2017, with more businesses creating inventive ways to reach new clients through growing influencers.

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