Things to Expect From WordPress in 2017

WordPress is having a world of success from its inception 14 years ago, and with this incomparable growth the firm has seen about 58.7% of all websites using the platform. It has revised and altered to the ever-growing demands of the social environment and with progressions being made regularly in the industry, there are always new tendencies that will apparent.


The year 2017 is no exception to this with a wide range of trends emergent. We will be revealing the trends that will be anticipated in 2017, and positively will provide you a head start to optimize your usage of the popular CMS platform.

Mobile usage taking priority in wordpress

With about 51.26% of the market currently using mobile devices or smartphones as the favored medium, there is a clear need to tailor to users. This will be the main trend perceived in the year 2017, with WordPress websites being optimized mainly for mobile use. Labeled ‘mobile-first sites’, there will be an alteration in designs, themes, and functionality to make an easily available platform suitable for the trend that is here to stay.


With the progression of internet usage, there has been an improved awareness of safety online. In its start, there were HTTP sites used which are unencrypted in its formation. This means that anybody can interrupt the information being conveyed on HTTP platforms. To stop this, there has been an inception of Secure Socket Layers (SSL) that delivers an encrypted form of transmission amid platforms, currently expanded to HTTPS. This makes sure that any private information is retained safely from outside viewers. Google had announced in the year 2004 that HTTPS is an extremely looked upon a feature in their search engine results. Matt Mullenweg, the CEO of WordPress has also confirmed that websites providing SSL are going to be upheld by WordPress web development in future.

Video Headings

This is not a fresh concept, but increased usage of video headings has been broadly seen because of the popular Twenty Seventeen theme provided by WordPress. Short lengthier and high-quality videos are being an upsurge of interest level on the internet, and with the usage of heading you can capture the targeted audience simply. It will have a better importance adjoining the popularity and presentation of videos and in the future it will be expanded in order to move into optimized WordPress themes. The Twenty Seventeen theme is free making it easy to add this to your WordPress now.

Virtual Reality alteration

The latest and hottest progression in the technology world is the adding of Virtual Reality as a kind of engagement. Though it is closely tangled with gaming, VR is escalating into workplaces. Architects are competent to make people walk virtually with their designs, and firms are able to engage clients through VR browsing. WordPress introducing additional themes that upkeep VR images and videos, with it growing into self-hosted websites.

SaaS Models

The last trend in our list is software advancement well-known as SaaS. This model is a perfect way of providing applications, with access to the internet being used to install and uphold business software. Several WordPress websites have started to deliver this model as a mode of selling business services in a one-off payment. This allows the users to gain access to business products on a subscription basis, which raises profits.

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