Trending Features you can expect in Android O

Android is the world’s best Operating System, apart from big giants- iOS and Windows.  Shortly after the release of Android Nougat (also named Android N) in the month of August 2016, Android is currently up backing with yet one more latest version, Android O. The preview of the recent OS supported devices like Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel C, Pixel XL, Nexus Player and Pixel. Android O is predictable to be released in the month of August or September 2017 in the United Kingdom.

Android O

We will be deliberating some of the most significant features you can predict in the future mobile OS upgrade.

Android O better Performance:

Every single mobile user would wish their phone to run good and for longer hours. Google intends to accomplish this with its latest version (Android O). The Android O has targeted regions like inherent broadcasts, location services and related services to optimize and rationalize your mobile’s presentation.

Handling Notification:

The main thing which upsets most of the Android customers is the pointless notifications. Numerous notifications from the similar application displayed insistently have been annoying the users, so Google arrives with this latest version to fix this concern. In this latest version, all the notifications will be gathered together to minimalize the whole number of notifications showed. This new feature of Android O will let you to manage your notification professionally.

High Quality Music:

Google will be assimilating new technologies into Android’s latest version to accomplish better audio transmission through simple Bluetooth connection. Therefore we can anticipate greater quality music with Android O.

Improved Autofill Feature:

The Autofill feature will be better than previously in Android O. You will find it simple to fill your personal info and credit card information in login methods.

Better Navigation:

Google has delivered better support to navigate through Android apps in Android O. You can possibly use tab and arrow keys to switch amid apps.

Cached Data:

The latest Operating System will regulate the cached data of applications more competently. Every single application will be delivered a specific storage slot for its cached data, when a specific app’s storage space is more than allotted quota, then the system will delete the essential disk space.

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